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What are the Effects of Addiction to Prescription Drugs?

When you are prescribed drugs by a doctor, it’s often to help treat a medical condition or an illness. When these drugs work as prescribed, they are designed to help you feel better. What often happens, however, is that this “good” feeling can lead to individuals taking these drugs longer than prescribed or more often than they were directed to. What was once prescription drug use has now turned into prescription drug abuse, which can lead to addiction. Not only is an addiction incredibly hard to break free from, but it can have detrimental side effects on your mind and body. 

At Aspire Treatment Solutions, it’s our job to help those struggling with the effects of addiction to prescription drugs. If you or a loved one is struggling with prescription drug abuse, our team of knowledgeable professionals is on hand to help you on your journey toward recovery. 

What are prescription drugs? 

Prescription Pills are often not seen as something high-risk for addiction, due to the fact that they are frequently administered by doctors to their patients. While the range of prescription pills is vast, some of the most common that can be tied to substance use disorders include depressants like sleeping pills and stimulants like those that treat ADHD. 

Opioids are highly addictive, making them one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs out there. While some opioids are classified as illegal drugs, there are many that fall under the category of drugs still prescribed by doctors for pain relief and anesthetics. 

Benzodiazepines, which are often prescribed to treat conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, or even seizures, are also some of the most commonly misused prescription drugs, leading many to seek help for recovery from a “benzo” addiction. 

What are the effects of addiction to prescription drugs? 

The effects of addiction to prescription drugs will not always be the same from person to person, just as each individual’s journey toward recovery from addiction will be different. There are, however, a number of effects on the brain and body that are frequently experienced by those with a substance use disorder. 

Some of the most common effects of an addiction to prescription drugs include: 

  • A weakened immune system 
  • Changes in appetite and changes in weight 
  • Liver damage
  • Problems with decision making, memory, and attention span 
  • Cardiovascular effects such as abnormal heart rates and heart attack 
  • Changes in behavior and personality such as impulsiveness and a loss of self-control 
  • Hallucinations and paranoia
  • An increased risk of dangerous health complications such as heart disease, lung disease, seizures, and strokes 
  • Worsened mental health disorders including increased anxiety and depression 
  • Damage to critical organs and nerves 
  • Withdrawal symptoms that can make addiction hard to overcome 

Aspire Treatment Solutions can help. 

Addiction can affect every person differently, which is why recovery is such an individual experience. If you are seeking treatment for prescription drug addiction treatment, Aspire Treatment Solution’s comprehensive treatment plans will be personalized to your specific needs. Every person who walks through our doors embarks on a journey toward recovery that takes into account your individual experience with addiction, giving you the best chance at a life free from addiction. We understand just how much the effects of addiction to prescription drugs can alter your life and we are ready to help you take the steps you need to change the course of your life for the better. Contact us today to get started.