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Find Family Therapy & Addiction Recovery Today

Addiction is a tragic and isolating disease with far-reaching implications. While the addict will often become isolated, the effects of their addiction are felt by everyone who loves and cares for them. It is heartbreaking to watch drugs and alcohol change, someone, you love into someone you no longer recognize. While your loved one is the one who has to put down the drugs and alcohol, they are not the only one who needs help. Family therapy and addiction recovery go hand in hand. 

At Aspire Treatment, we understand how devastating it can be to realize that their addiction has consumed your loved one. We are here to support you and your family as you navigate how to help your loved one best. We offer a wide range of treatment modalities and programs that can help free your loved one from the grip of addiction. 

What Is Addiction Recovery?

Addiction recovery is the lifelong journey that occurs when someone stops using drugs and alcohol. It typically begins with detox to rid the body of drugs and alcohol, but that is just the beginning. Those who find themselves addicted to drugs and alcohol will find that staying sober is a lifelong commitment that requires regular work to maintain. If you think of sobriety as the act of not drinking or using, recovery is the result. Those who maintain long-term recovery can often create a life that they may have only dreamed of while using. While they will never be able to use drugs and alcohol again, they will be active participants in their own lives. In addition, addiction recovery enables addicts and alcoholics to develop healthier coping skills, engage in healthier relationships, and find happiness in day-to-day life. 

How One’s Addiction Can Affect Their Family

The sad truth is that addiction still carries a stigma in our society. If your loved one were diagnosed with cancer, you would likely share the diagnosis with your friends and ask for their support. However, when your loved one is struggling with addiction, you may keep it to yourself. Addiction is a disease of isolation – for both the addict and those who love them. Your loved one’s addiction is likely increasing your stress level and impacting your health. A family member’s addiction has many adverse effects for families, such as high levels of distress, health problems, family conflict, domestic violence, child maltreatment, and financial difficulties. For all of these reasons, you and your family must participate in therapy. It is not just the addict who needs to recover. Family therapy and addiction recovery coupled together will help everyone to heal. 

What Is Family Therapy & Addiction Recovery?

Family therapy and addiction recovery are integral parts of your loved one’s recovery. Family involvement in addiction treatment increases the likelihood that someone goes to and stays in treatment. Family participation has also been found to improve the likelihood of the individual staying in recovery. Family participation in treatment comes in many forms. It may be supportive as you encourage and assist your loved in finding and going to addiction treatment. It may also include your participation in parts of their treatment, such as family group therapy. Finally, family therapy may also have individual therapy for the different family members so that each person can deal with the pain and chaos caused by the addiction. Family therapy recognizes the pain and suffering of everyone involved and seeks to offer treatment to address this for all. 

Getting Help for Addiction

In Atlanta, Aspire Treatment has various programs to help your loved one stop suffering from addiction and create a new life in recovery. We also understand how devastating addiction can be for the family, and we are here to help you navigate how to move forward. We employ a wide range of treatment modalities and programs to assist your loved ones in developing tools that will support them over the long term. 

We partner with our clients to create comprehensive, individualized treatment plans that build a firm foundation for sobriety. Each person’s recovery journey is unique. We have programs ranging from partial hospitalization to outpatient counseling that enable us to help your loved one craft a recovery path that works for them. Connect with us today to see how we can best support your loved one’s success in recovery.