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What We Treat

We know that addiction is frightening for both those battling addiction and their families.  At times, it may feel like it is only a matter of time before the addiction will reach its peak, causing you to lose everything, end up in jail, or even die. Here at Aspire Treatment Solutions, we offer treatment that is tailored to you.


What Exactly is Addiction?

We understand that there are many similarities and differences between people who are dealing with addiction. That is why when you walk through our door, you will receive an individualized treatment plan catering to your specific needs. We believe this will give you the optimal path toward recovery.

Aspire Treatment Solutions offers evidence-based programs that are designed to start a stronger emphasis of getting clean and sober and transition to a place of staying clean and sober. Typically our clients will begin in partial hospitalization and transition into other programs offered. This transition allows you to begin preparing for life after treatment and start working on personal and professional goals.


Addictions We Treat
in Atlanta, Georgia

Aspire Treatment Solutions understands drug & alcohol addiction. We know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to treatment. Learn more about the different substances of abuse we commonly treat and how our innovative, tailor-made treatment plans can help you recover once and for all.


Opioids are a class of drugs that include synthetic drugs, legally prescribed pain relievers, and illegal drugs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), opioids are responsible for taking over 125 lives each day; therefore, seeking recovery from opioid addiction can truly be a matter of life or death.

Examples of opioids include fentanyl, heroin, morphine, oxycodone and methadone.

Prescription Pills

Prescription pills can easily be confused as a safer alternative to illegal drugs. One major reason for the misconception is the fact that they are prescribed by a trusted physician. According to the CDC, between the years of 1999-2018, more than 232,000 Americans lost their lives to overdoses involving prescription opioids.

Prescription pills include opioids, depressants, and stimulant medications.


Alcohol is a legally controlled substance which can make it difficult to determine the difference between a casual drinker and someone with alcohol addiction (alcoholism). A person does not have to consume alcohol on a daily basis for addiction to be present. In fact, many people turn to binge drinking which can be a sign of alcoholism.

Additionally, many professionals with alcohol addictions have the ability to be a high-functioning even under the influence of alcohol.


Cocaine addiction often starts off feeling harmless but can develop into a life-altering addiction, affecting both your personal and professional lives. Cocaine can also be found in the form of “crack,” a less expensive version of the drug that makes it easier to acquire.

Overdoses from cocaine use are common and can result in organ failure, heart attack, stroke and even death. Because the high from cocaine is short-lived, addiction is prevalent.


Prescription pills can easily be confused as a safer alternative to illegal drugs. One major reason for the misconception is the fact that they are prescribed by a trusted physician. According to the CDC, between the years of 1999-2018, more than 232,000 Americans lost their lives to overdoses involving prescription opioids.

Prescription pills include opioids, depressants, and stimulant medications.


Similar to alcohol, marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable and even legal in some states, causing much confusion around the drug. If you are unable to quit using marijuana even while facing serious consequences, this is typically a sign that you may have a marijuana addiction.

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms include: anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and depression.


How to Find the Best Drug Treatment in Georgia

When looking for a drug rehab in Atlanta, Georgia, look no further than Aspire Treatment Solutions. If for any reason our program is not a match for you, we will do whatever it takes to find the best treatment solutions that work for you, at no cost or obligation to you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, let our team of knowledgeable professionals help assist you on your journey to healing and recovery.


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Aspire Treatment Center has truly help save my life. This has been an excellent place for me. My experience here has been amazing. The therapists are very involved and the entire staff is helpful and caring beyond belief. I know that I wouldn’t be sober today if it wasn’t for this place. They have helped me so much. I was so emotionally damaged and they helped me to find the inner wisdom and self love that I needed to fight through my addiction. The staff doesn’t give up on anyone and will go above and beyond for those who are willing to do the work to better themselves and stay sober. Thank you so much for caring and loving me, when I couldn’t do this for myself, I am eternally grateful ❤️
Christy Newton
As a mother of an alcoholic, I know how difficult it can be to find a good treatment center. Aspire is a fabulous place with a great staff! Everyone was very helpful and caring. Clients are treated with love and respect. The facility is very nice, comfortable, clean, and safe. Aspire also did a great job dealing with insurance. Aspire Treatment Solutions made a really bad situation much better! I would recommend Aspire to any of my friends or family looking for treatment for alcoholism or addiction.
Missy Hair
I’ve been to several places trying to get myself together, I needed a place that made me feel comfortable and allowed me some freedom but also meant business. This place specializes in addiction and not all the extra so I fit right in, top notch living and cool clinical team. They put me on a path that not only kept me sober but let me have fun. Love this place, stop playing and call uncle cam. You won’t regret it!
Gabriel Richardson
Top notch amenities and programming! One of the best Outpatient programs in the state hands down. Aspire has a beautiful way of incorporating structure and accountability as well as love and support so that their patients feel comfortable yet are pushed to excel their lives while battling addiction. Highly recommend this program to anyone struggling and looking for the next step in the recovery process!
Joshua James
Incredible professional staff! The medical team is incredible and goes above and beyond on a daily basis! Even in these hard times of social distancing they still find a way to make everything they do feel personalized to each individual client. Anyone can get a license to practice therapy or medicine, but passion isn’t something you learn in books. The team Aspire Treatment Solutions has put together is 2nd to none! I would recommend them to anyone who is seeking help with their sobriety journey. The first step is the hardest....Life is so beautiful and worth it when you put the work it. This is an amazing place to do just that!
Valerie Wade
recovery has been a complex one but they have been there with her every step of the way- customizing her treatment plan, supporting her, coordinating with health care providers to accommodate her dual diagnosis, assisting her to transition back into working and juggling responsibilities and planning for discharge. As a single mother they have kept me informed and coached me on how best to support and rebuild our relationship.
Gwen Holder

Call Now & Start Your Journey

Because many of our team members at Aspire Treatment Solutions are in recovery themselves, we empathize with the feeling of hopelessness you may be experiencing; however, we know freedom from addiction is attainable. We know how difficult it is to take the first step of giving us a call, but we also know that this courageous step will bring peace and purpose back to your life.


Drug & Alcohol Treatment Solutions in Atlanta

Aspire Treatment Solutions really isn’t your typical outpatient center in Georgia. Our partial hospitalization program combines the best aspects of inpatient treatment alongside safe and secure sober housing. The foundation of our programs is community. We understand that it takes a village to overcome addiction, and we are ready to go to battle with you.

Whether you are struggling with an opioid addiction or think your loved one has a drinking problem we can help. From our in-depth intake process to our client-to-staff ratio, we have made sure that every part of our program works for you, the individual. Find your path to lasting recovery today at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Georgia.


We Work with Most Insurance Providers

We work with most major insurance carriers who offer out-of-network benefits, typically a PPO or POS policy. If we don’t work with your insurance we will do everything to find the best treatment solutions that meet your needs when seeking addiction treatment. 

We are currently unable to accept Medicaid (Peach State Health Plan or Georgia Families) or Medicare, however, we do offer low cash pay rates. Don’t let insurance stop you from getting the help you need. 

For a free benefits check and consultation, click below. We will work with your insurance provider to ensure the lowest out-of-pocket costs when you enter treatment.

Athens, GA, alcohol rehab, our treatment team is here to help guide you through each step of your recovery. Statistics show those who complete a comprehensive addiction treatment program are the most successful at achieving and maintaining sobriety. They are better equipped with essential life and relapse prevention skills. At Aspire, our uniquely designed addiction treatment programs will help you understand and learn more about the roots of your addiction while learning safer and healthier ways to cope with triggering situations, people, or events that once led to alcohol or drug use. If you are ready to leave the pull of drugs and alcohol behind, contact the admissions team at Aspire today to learn more about getting help at our Athens, GA Alcohol Rehab.

Take the First Step Towards Freedom.

Aspire Treatment Solutions is based on EmpathyExpertise, and Experience. We have effective programs and treatments that will pave a path to freedom from addiction.

We believe in saying what we mean, doing what we say, and that when it comes to treatment, it’s life or death.

Here at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Georgia, we work to find the root causes of addiction which allows our clients to truly recover from substance abuse. Call us today at 1-866-558-3611 to learn more about our program.

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Aspire Treatment Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the best options when seeking treatment for substance abuse in Atlanta, GA.